Coasters that fit footed glass
The Tumbled Stone


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Glam up your glass!

This coaster attaches to the base of a wine glass, water glass, iced tea glass, coffee or tea glass (sometimes called Irish coffee mugs), basically any glass that has a foot.  This way the coaster goes with the drink.  The coaster is made from cotton, with the base consisting of a core layer of cotton batting sandwiched between a cotton muslin on the interior and a cotton canvas on the bottom. The top most layer of the coaster has an opening in the center where the foot of a glass can be inserted. 

If your glass does not have a foot, rest at ease!  This coaster works in the same way as a traditional coaster as well, you will just have to remember to move it along with you if you need it!

Each coaster is made using coordinating fabric but each pattern is unique allowing the coaster to also easily distinguish each glass.

Set of four, includes a storage pouch.

The coasters are machine wash, tumble dry.

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