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Bridget McPhillips Entrepreneur owner

Hello and welcome to The Tumbled Stone.  

Hello and Welcome to my creative space.  

I am Bridget.  

My love of textiles was instilled in me as a child through the example of my mom.

My mom ran a small sewing business from our home, making home decor products using Marimekko fabric.  She sold her creations to a boutique located in Larimer Square in Denver.  This creative side business was something she did in addition to her career as a nurse and her full-time job as a mom. 

As a child, I shared the one Singer sewing machine my mom used with my six sisters and seven brother, to create all the things we dreamed up. Big outings for us included visits to a fabric warehouse in the city, an hours drive from our rural home.

Being one of 14 children fostered quite a few things in me, but one of the most treasured is the ability to be creative and resourceful. I learned the value of hard work and ingenuity.  I have always remembered where I came from and embrace the opportunity to grow through each of my life experiences.

After leaving my career to be a mom, I have embraced my creative soul and allowed my path to develop. 

Join me on my journey, add a piece of fun and whimsy to your world, or just browse and find the inspiration to follow your own dreams.

Stay true to who you are and you will never find yourself lost.

Always take the time to look inside and redirect yourself to your true life passion, you are worth it!