What Happened to All the Beautiful Colors?

Bridget McPhillips

 Can someone please explain why the colors in machine embroidery designs change when embroidery machine file formats change?

This is a question that I think most embroiderers have wondered to themselves.

As an embroiderer, it did not really ever bother me.  I like to select my own colors when I embroider, so I really did not pay too much attention to the colors that came along with the designs I purchased.

Once I began digitizing for clients, I became aware that this was a real issue for other embroiderers. 

I found this article that tackles exactly this topic.

I enjoyed the read and thought I would share it here just in case you have ever wondered about this as well.

Hope this information is as helpful to you as I found it to be!

 Article by Erich Campbell at www.mrxstitch.com 

Just remember, you can always set the colors on your machine to match the colors the digitizer used.  It can also be great fun to explore other color themes to add to the design.  Be creative and have fun with it!

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