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Bridget McPhillips Janome Janome 7700 sewing machine review

Janome 7700

Two things sold me on this sewing machine.  The first being 11 inches of work space because I was looking for a machine to free motion quilt on.  The second being a blog post by Leah Day on her blog The Free Motion Quilting Project.  I always prefer a machine review from someone that is using the machine and not being paid to tell me how wonderful it is.  Leah Day's post was great.  She included video of herself using the machine.  I found the post very informative,  you can watch the post here:

I purchased this sewing machine after reading a lot about it, watching Leah Day's posts, and trying the machine at my dealer at the time, Close to Home sewing, in Glastonbury, CT.  I liked the machine very much as soon as I began sewing. 

Stitch Quality

The stitch quality of the machine is wonderful.  I had no issues with tension or timing in any of my sewing.  The stitch selection was extensive.  So many pretty stitches to choose from and so easy to select.  There is a dial on the face of the machine which rotates displaying on the digital display the stitch you are selecting.  The speed was also easily adjusted with a slide switch also on the face of the machine.  All of the operation of the machine was very intuitive to me.  I had no issues with any of the functions of the Janome 7700.    I did not take any of the classes that were offered at the time I purchased this machine.   The Janome 7700 is a feature rich machine, the classes, if your dealer offers them, would be helpful to become fully proficient in the use of all this machine has to offer.   I found the manual and materials that were included with the Janome 7700 were well written and useful.  This machine is a true pleasure to sew with. 

Janome 7700 FMQ

My goal was not to find a great sewing machine, but to find a great sewing machine I could use for free motion quilting.   I quilt all sorts of things, bags, wall hangings, pillow covers, and yes even quilts.  Until I purchased this machine I had quilted on several different machines from the Brother to my antique Singer.  I actually love to quilt on the antique Singer best of all.  The stitch quality and consistency is unmatched, but the throat space is extremely limited.

The Janome 7700 throat space is absolutely wonderful, but there is so much more to this machine that I did not expect to love.  The machine I purchased came with a table that it fit into.  This added with the throat space created a really great quilting space with a large flat surface to work with.  The machine is also very well lit.  The lighting extends under the arm and lights the entire sewing space very well.  Although I loved this machine for all my other sewing, I found myself quilting on the antique Singer again and again.  I encountered a quite a bit of thread breaks and struggled with uneven stitches in my free motion quilting using the Janome 7700.  As a strange twist of fate I ended up replacing this machine with my Pfaff Creative Sensation Pro.  I was looking into upgrading my embroidery machine and when I found the Creative Sensation Pro, in addition to embroidery, the Creative Sensation Pro was also my answer to free motion quilting. 


The Janome 7700 is one of my favorite machines I have sewn on.  Had I not been equally as interested in an embroidery machine, I would have owned the Janome 7700 for a very long time.  I made quite a few quilts using the Janome 7700 in the short time I owned the machine and I do miss the machine, but giving it up enabled me to replace it with both a sewing and embroidery machine.  The Janome 7700  is a solid machine that I will never regret purchasing.



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    I own this machine!! Very helpful information, thanks!!

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