Thank You Nancy Zieman

Bridget McPhillips mentor

I want to take a moment to talk about the death of Nancy Zieman.  When I learned that Nancy Zieman had passed away, I was sad.  Nancy Zieman was a true inspiration to me in my sewing life. 

Nancy Zieman was my mentor.   I am absolutely certain that Nancy had no idea she was my mentor, or a mentor to the hundreds of other people who considered her their mentor, but in reality that is what it was, an unknowing mentor. 

She offered this to anyone who was interested in receiving it through the platforms of her shows, videos and books.  I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to have shared in her knowledge and know that I have grown in my talents because of it.

I never had the opportunity to meet Nancy in person, but I felt as though I knew her from watching her program and tutorial videos and using her books.  Nancy had a way of presenting ideas in a clear and concise format.  Not everyone can teach, but Nancy could and did.  She never made anyone feel like they were any less talented than she was.  When I watched her shows and videos, the general feeling was about sharing and learning.  It felt like sitting down with a group of your friends to learn something new, or work something through.  

I could not let this time in my life pass without taking a moment to pause and say thank you to Nancy for making her life's work to teach others through sharing her knowledge and techniques.  Thank you to Nancy's family for supporting and facilitating her to be the role model and teacher that touched so many lives, and thank you to to all the people who worked with Nancy to make her programs and videos available to all of us out there so eager to learn. 

You will not be forgotten but you will be truly missed.



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