What was your first sewing machine?

Bridget McPhillips

Do you remember the first time you sewed using a sewing machine?

I have sewn for most of my life.  The sewing machine I learned to sew on and sewed for most of my childhood on was a Singer model 93234, my mom's sewing machine.  No, I did not remember that model number from my youth... she still has it!

My mom's singer is still going strong.  She had it serviced several years back, nothing was wrong with it, but she had not had it serviced in years, so she took it in.  The man who cleaned and tuned her machine told her never to get rid of it, they just do not make them like this anymore. 

All of the internal workings of my moms singer are made of metal.  I am one of 14 children, and we all used that sewing machine, that little work horse got used and used hard.  I do not remember having any frustration or problems when I used it as a child.  If you happen to come across one for sale, I do not think you would be disappointed with it.  Of course, it is not fully automatic with all sorts of fancy stitches, but this machine can do anything you need to do in basic home decor projects for your home or sewing your favorite clothing patterns, even the ones you create.  My mom sewed many of our clothes, prom gowns, all sorts of things we needed and used around our family home and even a few Irish step dancing dresses.  My mom also used this machine to making home decor and exotic stuffed birds for a boutique in Denver using this machine. 

Fast forward to my first sewing machine, also a singer.  It was a hand-me-down from my sister.  This machine is also a lovely machine. 

I only received it because my sister had purchased herself a new model with embroidery.  I used this machine for several years.  It served me well.  I had very little problems with it but had an itch to get a new machine with more stitches particularly a font!  Little did I know what I would be giving up!  My hand-me-down was solid but was mechanical and only had a choice of a handful of stitch options.  I did keep that hand-me-down machine for a very long time, until finally giving it to another sister for her children.  My nephew is now using that machine as he starts his studies in Fashion Design.

My upgrade from my hand-me down was again a Singer.  My husband purchased the new machine for me when I was pregnant with my first child.  I was sewing all of the decor and bedding for the baby's room.  It was big and electronic and fabulous.  I liked it most while it was still in the box.  From the moment I had it out and set up, I just did not feel like I connected with it.  It did not have the same sturdy, heavy feel that the other machines I had used.  I used this machine for years, but never really loved it.  I stuck with that machine for a long time because it had been a gift from my husband, but I had a very tumultuous relationship with it, I did not like it and I did not like sewing with it. When the machine finally started seizing up, I loaded it into my car and took it to the salvation army.  I don't mention the model because I honestly don't even remember and I would not recommend it.

To fill my sewing machine void, I brought my hand-me-down back out of the closet.  I eventually ended up shopping for a machine again only after being given a Brother embroidery machine for my 40th birthday.  I leave my discussion  of embroidery machines for another post, but I have to mention my first embroidery machine because it was my first Brother machine and lead me to research brother and buy my next sewing machine.

The Brother CS6000i.  This was my first true purchase of a sewing machine that I researched.  I found it very difficult to find independent reviews, or review from people who were not being sponsored by the machine that they were promoting.  Most of my research was done on the the internet.  I read lots of blogs and actually always felt like I found good information from the website https://sewing.patternreviews.com. 

Back to the Brother CS6000i.  Now this was a really great little machine.  When I bought this machine I did not have any sort of budget and this machine was very affordable.  The quality of this machine for the cost, was fabulous.  The Brother CS6000i sewed a very pretty stitch and I never had an issue with tension or other mechanical or technological functions of this machine.  My all time favorite aspect of a Brother sewing machine is the needle threader.  I, to this day, have not found a better needle threader, love the Brother needle threader.  This machine also has a very bright light which does a great job lighting up the work space. The Brother CS6000i also came with a really great little extension table.  The extension table created a nice sized flat space to work your project through the machine.

So what is wrong with this little machine, I found a couple of problems for my purposes.  The harp space, the space to the right of the needle on any machine, was just too small.  I also felt that this machine was just too light.  When you sewed with the machine at the higher end of the speed this machine is capable of, it will literally vibrate across the table.  All in all, this machine is a great and very capable little machine, but was just not big enough and sturdy enough for most of my sewing. 

What will she choose next?  Tune in to see...





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