How to Make Footed Glass Coasters

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Are you looking for a fun and easy project that will result in a super useful household item for your home or a great gift for a friend?  Sound too good to be true? 

Footed glass coaster on a tea cup

In addition to being a fun and easy project, you will also experience the following benefits:

1 - Use up all those bits and pieces of fabric you have saved for YEARS.

2 - A quick and easy project that will result in a fabulous gift, and I am wiling to bet, it will be a gift that is loved, used and the recipient does not already have!

3 - A gift you can make for yourself and your home. 

4 - It really is quick and easy, so you can squeeze it in between all of your other daily commitments, giving you a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction!

Let make some coasters!

I developed a pattern to make this project in the hoop of your embroidery machine.  If you do not have an embroidery machine, these coasters can just as easily be sewn on your sewing machine, in fact the first one I made I sewed on my Juki 8300N.

My coaster idea originated from a kit I received from a quilt shop I visited while participating in my one and only quilt hop.  The little kit was given out as the free gift for visiting the shop.  This cute little kit sat in the bottom of the bag I was carrying that day for a very long time.  When I rediscovered it and put it together my immediate thought was why is this a square?

Footed Glass Coaster Original Free project kit

So, I pulled out my Nancy Zieman's Circles Sew Simple Tool.

Nancy Zieman's Circles Sew Simple Tool

 I purchased this great little tool from Nancy's Notions and turned the square coaster into a circle, and I thought, now this is a good idea. 

Footed glass coaster in circle with butterfly fabric

But another thought popped into my head, what if you could make this in the hoop?

So take a look, this is a quick, easy project that makes really cool and very useful gifts.  If you do not have an embroidery machine, I have included some instructions to make these great coasters using your sewing machine at the end of this  in-the-hoop tutorial.

To make these coasters in the hoop you can use pre-cut fabric or you can fussy cut fabric you already have.  I used these acrylic templates and cut 5" squares from some Michael Miller ocean themed fabric to make this tutorial. 

 Acrylic templates for making fussy cuts in fabric

You will need 4 squares to make one coaster, so to make a set of four coasters, you will need to cut 16 squares.

Sample of a fussy cut fabric square

Once the fabric squares are cut, press them in half, wrong sides of the fabric together.  The result will be the rectangular shapes pictured below.

Fabric squares folded and pressed in half

Select four of the rectangles you just made and overlap them, as shown in the photo to create a new square.  Each of the rectangles will only be half exposed in the new square.

Overlap four of the squares pressed in half to create a new square

The completed combined square pieces will look like this.  The rectangles will be interlocked with each other.

Examples of the completed fabric squares made from the pressed fussy cut squares

To secure the pieces together, I used double sided basting tape.

double sided basting tape

I applied a small piece to each of the places where the half squares overlap. 

basting tape is applied at the corners

This will tack down the fabric, so when you are stitching the coaster design out in the hoop, the corners will not get caught and pulled up by the foot.

Using double sided basting tape tack the corners of the half sqares making up the new square

You just completed the tops to your footed glass coasters.  Set them aside for now. 

Next, you will prepare the lining and backing to the footed glass coasters. 

The original project I received at the quilt hop shop did not include a lining fabric in the construction of the coaster.  Being that I am an extremely practical person, I decided adding the lining would make these coasters more durable and washable.

To make the base of the coaster with a lining, You will create a sandwich of fabric and batting, by layering your lining fabric, batting, and the backing fabric.  The lining will be inside the finished coaster and therefore not visible, but the backing fabric will be the bottom of the coaster and be visible, so chose a coordinating fabric.

create a sandwich with the lining fabric, batting, and backing fabric

Hoop this sandwich in your embroidery hoop.

hoop the fabric sandwich just created

Now for the fun!  Attach the embroidery hoop to the embroidery machine and open the footed glass coaster design.  The design will first stitch out two circles and cross bars over the circles.  Once this has stitched, the machine will stop. 

Now you need to get two of the coaster tops we created earlier.  Place one of the coaster top pieces over one of the circles that just stitched out.  Match the center of each side of the square to the cross bars stitched over the circle.  You can use temporary adhesive spray or more of the double sided basing tape to hold the coaster top in place.  Repeat this process for the second square top piece.

In the Hoop footed glass coaster

Once you have both of the coaster tops placed and secured, start the embroidery machine.  The machine will continue the design, stitching another circle securing all the layers together.  Once the design has finished stitching, remove the hoop from the embroidery machine, remove the fabric from the hoop and trim around the outside of the stitched circle using pinking shears. 

Finishing footed glass coaster

Now just turn the coaster, one section at a time, rotating the circle as you turn it.  Your finished coasters will look like this.

The finished footed glass coasters

Add the coaster to your favorite footed water, wine, tea or coffee glass and enjoy! 

Footed glass coasters

Footed glass coaster on a wine glass

If you want to gift the coasters, just tie a set of four with a ribbon, and let the beautiful fabric be a part of the presentation.

These coasters work great for holiday gatherings and parties too.  No need for separate glass charms, just make a set of these using fun and festive fabrics and enjoy your gathering feeling confident that all of your table tops will be safe and each of your guests will be able to easily find their glass!

Here are a few quick instructions to make the same coasters with your sewing machine for those of you who may not have an embroidery machine.

To make this same coaster with a regular sewing machine, follow the same steps to prepare the coaster tops, the interlocking rectangle pieces.

When you get to the instructions to make the sandwich of the lining, batting and backing,  You would need cut the sandwiched fabric to make the same size 5 inch squares as the initial pieces you cut to make the tops. 

Next layer all the pieces in the following order:

1- Sandwiched fabric, with the lining facing down and the backing facing up

2- The top piece of the interlocking rectangles.  Make sure that you put the side you want to be visible in the end face down on the sandwiched fabric.

I basted these pieces together following the edges of the square using a scant 1/4 seam allowance.

Footed glass coaster shown basted with scant 1/4 seam

Are you wondering why the image above is black and white?  You are not alone!  I am too.  I have an ongoing love/hate relationship with my laptop and Adobe Lightroom.  Tonight, Lightroom won.

At this point I attached the Circles Sew Simple tool form Nancy's Notions to my machine and stitched a circle that was a slightly smaller diameter than the 5 inch square.

Footed glass coaster after it has been sewn with Nancy Zieman's Circles Sew Simple Tool

NOTE:  I used the tool available from Nancy's Notions.  The tool comes with great instruction and there is an entire episode of Sewing with Nancy all about using this tool in different ways. 

Different sewing machine manufacturers also offer their own circular sewing tool.  Check with your dealer if you would rather get the tool made specifically for your machine.

 Go sew some coasters!


If you would like to try my design you can get it here:

Footed Glass Coaster in-the-hoop machine embroidery design



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