Add an invisible zipper to a pillow cover with piping

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I love pillows that have invisible zipper closures. 

When you think of an invisible zipper you usually think apparel, pants and dresses. 

I love to install invisible zippers in pillow covers. 

An invisible zipper closure on a pillow cover is just that, invisible, so it does not distract from the design of the pillow and it leaves all of the pillow surfaces soft and ready to snuggle, while still allowing you to remove the cover easily to wash or rotate with your seasonal home decor.

Here is a short video about how to install an invisible zipper on a pillow cover that also has piping. 

If you missed my tutorial about using the piping foot, you can find it on my YouTube channel, The Tumbled Stone. 

Here is a link to the Piping Foot Tutorial:

Now go get busy sewing your home beautiful!


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