A gift to make any Mother happy just in time for Mother's Day

Bridget McPhillips

As Mother's Day fast approaches, let's talk gifts for Mom. 

A quilted eye mask that you make for Mom would be a great gift.  But wait, don't just make a quilted eye mask, make Mom a quilted eye mask that is all natural, can be heated or chilled, and is machine washable!

Sinus pain, headache, or just a quick nap, this gift will be greatly appreciated by any Mom, and I bet she doesn't have one yet!

The Sinus Sleep Mask, hot and cold relief for sinus pain

I designed The Sinus Sleep Mask similar to the ones that are available to block light for sleeping, but mine is quilted and filled.  The filling allows the eye mask to be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer, taking this sleep eye mask to a whole new level. 

The idea was first dropped into my head from my sister, a veterinarian and Executive Director at a great not-for-profit organization called SNAP (Spay-Neuter Assistance Program) that provides reduced-cost spay and neuter services throughout Texas.  My sister makes her own heat packs to use for the animals recovering from surgery.  You can learn more about SNAP here: www.snap.org

I adapted the concept and applied it to an eye mask. 

I make The Sinus Sleep Mask using cotton fabric.  Flannel is a great choice because it has a nice plush brushed surface which feels great against the skin.

Safflower seeds are used to fill The Sinus Sleep Mask 

Once the mask is made, it is filled with safflower seeds.  Safflower seeds are a relative to sunflower seed.  The seeds holds heat well and also holds cold, allowing you to use the mask also as both a hot and cold compress for the area around your eyes and forehead, or in other words, your sinus'.

The whole mask, seed and all, can be washed right in your washing machine and either tumbled dry or left out to air dry.  When I wash mine, I put it in a mesh lingerie wash bag.

in-the-hoop machine embroidery project for an eye mask

The design will stitch the mask out right in-the-hoop of your embroidery machine.  There is one small seam that will need to be hand sewn or sewn on a regular sewing machine to finish the mask after the seeds are added.   If you wanted to use this design to make a regular sleep mask, just don't add the seeds. 

Quilt sandwich is made of three layers, quilting batting sandwiched between two pieces of fabric

This in-the-hoop embroidery project is stitched out on a quilt sandwich, a three piece layer consisting of quilt batting sandwiched between two pieces of fabric.  When you quilt in the hoop, you do not need to use stabilizer.  

a hooped quilt sandwich used for in the hoop machine embroidery designs and quilting in the hoop

The Sinus Sleep Mask in-the-hoop embroidery design stitches out in minutes.  Once completed you will have a one of a kind, handmade gift any Mother would love and will use! 

These masks are also great as bridesmaid gifts, teacher gifts, hostess gifts, girls weekend gifts, and of course, are great to give to anyone who is feeling under the weather. 

The Sinus Sleep Mask in-the-hoop embroidery design is available here at the Tumbled Stone as a digital download file and comes with detailed photo instructions. 

As with any in-the-hoop embroidery project, you simply load the embroidery design into your machine, prepare your fabrics in the hoop, load the hoop and start the embroidery machine.  The embroidery machine will stop when it needs you to do something, like place the elastic and backing fabric. 

in the hoop machine embroidery design will stop stitching when you need to do somethingPlace the elastic for The SInus Sleep Mask when using the in the hoop machine embroidery design

Then you just start the machine again. 

Once the design is completed, remove the hoop from the machine and remove the fabric from the hoop. 

Trim aroung the seam line of The Sinus Sleep Mask once the machine embroidery design is complete

Using pinking shears, carefully trim around the stitched eye mask just outside the seam line. 

Turn your eyemask right side out through the opening that is at the top of the eye mask

Turn the eye mask so that the seams are enclosed and the finished edges are exposed.

Fill the completed eye mask with the safflower seeds

Now use the safflower seeds to fill the mask through the opening left at the top of the mask.  I used just over a cup of seeds. 

sewing by hand or using a regular sewing machine, stitch the opening at the top of the eyemask closed

With the seeds added, fold in the unfinished edges of the opening along the top of the eye mask and pin.  Stitch the opening closed using either your sewing machine or hand stitch. 

 The Sinus Sleep Mask, by BMcP Designs completed with a tag detailing instructions for use and care.

That's it!  Your eye mask is done. 

Print out labels for use and care using fabric sheets made for your home printer to attach to the completed Sinus Sleep Mask

I created a label using, Photoshop, which I then printed on the fabric that you can run through the printer.  My label includes the care instruction and the heating and cooling instructions.  When you make these to give as gifts, make sure you provide the care and use instructions to your recipient. 

Create a label for The Sinus Sleep Mask using cotton twill fabric that can be run through a home printer.

Hope you enjoy making this great gift, I know the friends and family you gift it to will love using it. 

If you do not have an embroidery machine, or are feeling like you do not have time to make one up yourself, The Sinus Sleep Mask is available for sale in The Tumbled Stone Store. 

Purchase a Sinus Sleep Mask

Purchase The Sinus Sleep Mask  in-the-hoop Machine Embroidery Design

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  • Matt on

    I have one of these and it works great!!! Warms very easily and feels great. Great product.

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